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illuminating n.aydınlatma:v.aydınlat:prep.aydınlatarak n.aydınlatma:v.aydınlat:prep.aydınlatarak
illuminating aydınlatan aydınlatan
illuminating bomb aydınlatma bombası aydınlatma bombası
illuminating engineering aydınlatma mühendisliği aydınlatma mühendisliği
illuminating mirror aydınlatma aynası aydınlatma aynası
illumination aydınlatma aydınlatma
illumination aydınlanma aydınlanma
illumination aydınlık aydınlık
illumination aydınlatma, ışıklandırma aydınlatma, ışıklandırma
illumination control aydınlatma kontrolü aydınlatma kontrolü
illumination level Aydınlatma gücü Aydınlatma gücü
illumination unit aydınlatma ünitesi aydınlatma ünitesi
illuminative aydınlatıcı aydınlatıcı

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I understand that this latest round in the never-ending Israel-Gaza war was
and preventable only if Hamas stops rocket firing.
with the threat of a ground offensive still palpable
We face the risk of an all-out escalation in Israel and Gaza
Regardless of the cause, Israel seems under less pressure than usual to curb its campaign.
erhaps even the most accommodationist European governments know that Israel is within its right to hunt down the people trying to kill its citizens.
Perhaps this conflict has been demoted to the status of a Middle East sideshow by the cataclysms in Iraq and Syria.
I’ve been struck, over the last few days, by the world’s indifference to Gaza’s fate.
also understand that their current campaign will not bring the end of Israel’s legitimacy as a state.
the ones who send other people’s children to their deaths as suicide bombers
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