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crashed disk bozuk disk bozuk disk

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We would like to attend necessary training and saminar related to ourown work as we have to be in the service of both our own studios and the other film studios when is necessary. We re very sorry to say that we have had no positive reply of our request for your training and courses for years.we would like to attend your next training course because we need service qualification only for the equipment of istanbul camera and lighting service.As you see,it is essential for us to request this training and qualification regarding both the size of our equipment and our company, We would be greatfull if we had a positive reply this time , We re looking forward to your answer soon Best Regards,
do not have a camera , I have an older computer , but Ive got photos and blink at them
which you do not see the camera nor not agree and want me to see?
Your cargo has not been delivered yet. The latest status of the cargo is:
This brave and ancient land to me when the morning sun
God gave this land to me
Where children can run free.
This Land Is Mine
land mine
pasture ? do not know if it was well translated
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