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fuck you

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permanently banned
A Nonsense Burglary What a pity When John was a young man, He did a mad thing While he was walking alone on a Friday night He broke into a house A CD player, some CDs, books and magazines He stole He cleaned his fingerprints He thought he didn’t leave his footprints Behind him But there were some footprints on the floor He put the stolen goods into a bin In a street While he was walking home But it was too bad He couldn’t hide the evidence What a pity The police caught John What a pity
zte topit
2.Internet speed – we MUST have guaranteed and DEDICATED minimum speed of 2MBPS for our group (you can test this via link if they need at ). Dedicated means we do not share this speed with other guests or staff. This training is all about software that is web based so good and stable internet is a must.
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